Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Who is Dan Trepanier....??

...there is only one guy whom I admire for his amazing style aesthetics. I love his urban twist on men's sportswear. A fellow men's style blogger who has taken it to another level. He, who is the inspiration behind The Ascot Daily.  I am talking about Dan Trepanier. Esquire magazine has once named him  ”Best Dressed Real Man in America” of 2009. As a clothing-obsessed college basketball player, he became the go-to resource for his teammate’s fashion-related questions. As a response, he started (formerly TheStyleBlogger) in 2009 to share his opinions on men’s style....I am obsessed!! ...after I dress, and take a pose in the mirror, I ask myself " is this Style Blogger worthy?" ....maybe I'm just a "boot-leg" version....but I'll take it!!

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