Friday, September 28, 2012

Blazers...oh how I love thee !!!

A blazer (sport coat) should be the most go to item in your closet to finish your look. So you must invest in one, or a few!! Now is the time....this fall 2012, blazers have never looked better! And I'm happy to report that my favorite trend is still holding on...slim, structured and tailored to perfection. From corduroy , to velvet, or to just beautiful wool, a blazer will add value to your outfit. If just wearing jeans or trousers with a plain T, finishing with a blazer will give you your sexy!! ...The most value for your buck I found was at, surprise!!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Boots are made for walking....

....and for this fall, boots are also made for looking good! Here are some of my favorite to sport this fall. From being casual to being fancy...I am excited!!!

 Dolce & Gabanna
 Dr. Martin
Louis Vuitton

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Who is Dan Trepanier....??

...there is only one guy whom I admire for his amazing style aesthetics. I love his urban twist on men's sportswear. A fellow men's style blogger who has taken it to another level. He, who is the inspiration behind The Ascot Daily.  I am talking about Dan Trepanier. Esquire magazine has once named him  ”Best Dressed Real Man in America” of 2009. As a clothing-obsessed college basketball player, he became the go-to resource for his teammate’s fashion-related questions. As a response, he started (formerly TheStyleBlogger) in 2009 to share his opinions on men’s style....I am obsessed!! ...after I dress, and take a pose in the mirror, I ask myself " is this Style Blogger worthy?" ....maybe I'm just a "boot-leg" version....but I'll take it!!