Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fella's get "wiggy" with it !!!

It really sucks when we men start lose our hair...especially when it's so thin on top and thick as hell every where else. For the most part, your only option's are to comb it over like Donald Trump...ahhh no thanks!  or to shave it all off completely....Well, there is a new trend spreading in Hollywood. There is a company
www.hollywoodhair.com/  that make these laced front wigs for men. It's really cool! They take a mold the shape of your head and then make the hair piece from that and it looks so natural!  It's a well known process that has been going on for years behind the scenes of Hollywood. Each  hair piece can run about an average of $500 which i think is well worth it!! ..... What do you think about it???

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